Monday, April 29, 2013

Chinese leaders in Penampang voice support for BN

PENAMPANG: The Penampang Welfare Society and Fook Tet Kung Temple endorsed their support to the three Barisan Nasional (BN) candidates contesting in Penampang. 

They are Tan Sri Bernard Dompok vying for the Penampang parliamentary seat, Datuk Philip Lasimbang (Moyog state seat) and Datuk Edward Khoo Keok Hai (Kapayan state seat). 

The Penampang Welfare Society chairman, Vincent Chua, Fook Tet Kung Temple chairman, Yih Wen Sin and Donggongon Kapitan Cina, Chin Sin Yu urged constituents to vote for the BN candidates to ensure that the area continues to develop and progress. 

They made the call when welcoming Khoo during a visit to the temple after a walkabout in Dongonggon town. 

“Since day one, Khoo has been directly involved in helping us to get financial grant from the government to construct the temple,” said Yih. 

According to him, the temple was originally a small structure but due to the growing number of worshippers they decided to embark on an expansion plan. However, the ambitious project was abandoned for five years due to financial constraints. 

“When Khoo was first elected as the Kapayan Assemblyman in 2004, he immediately helped us to revive the project. Now the temple is almost completed as only the arch and landscaping need to be done. Once it is fully ready it will be promoted as a tourism spot in Penampang,” said Yih. 

Chin said before Khoo stepped in, the construction of the temple was initiated by Dompok and he also found some funds to kick start the project. 

The temple is sited on a land of 1.5 acres which was donated by Datuk Seri Panglima Clarence Bongkos Malakun, who is now the chairman of the Institute Development Studies Sabah and former Moyog assemblyman. 

Chin who was appointed as Kapitan Cina for Donggongon in 2007 said during Khoo’s tenure as Kapayan assemblyman, lights were installed at the tamu ground for the convenience of traders and customers alike. 

Khoo also extended his assistance to local schools and fought for the installation of streetlights along Penampang Road. 

“He has done so much for us in terms of providing basic infrastructure and we have no reason to reject Khoo,” stressed Chin.


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