Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Phantom voters employed by Pakatan

PETALING JAYA: Barisan Nasional cybertroopers are claiming Pakatan Rakyat had employed phantom voters to discredit the caretaker government. This claim comes following numerous reports by Pakatan observers that foreigners – mostly from Bangladesh, Myanmar and Nepal – were seen queing up at polling stations across the country to cast votes. 

However, several pro-BN blogs have claimed they have evidence that the foreigners were employed by Pakatan themselves to be used to discredit BN. They also said that reports have been filed at the Election Commission (EC) and claimed the issue would be addressesed during the EC’s press conference later this evening. 

“Our parties have discovered PKR’s modus operandi in Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam and Pantai Dalam not too long ago. PKR had employed these foreigners, gave them ICs, sent them to polling stations and pretended to be caught to give them (PKR) credit,” blogger Afiq KLTown said on his Facebook page today. 

“The opposition are all desperate and cannot accept the fact that they will lose, and therefore had resorted to create this cheap propaganda,” he added. 

He however did not explain how PKR could give ICs to the foreigners when the National Registration Department was under the purview of the BN-controlled federal government. Controversial blogger Papagomo further claimed that two Bagladeshi nationals had been detained by the police after admitting that they had received RM250 each from PKR to manipulate votes. 

“Three Malaysians were detained with two Bangladeshi’s in Lembah Pantai today in suspicion of creating chaos,” Papagomo said. 

“The suspects are believed to have been trying to manipulate the election today by claiming the Bangladeshi’s were voting on behalf of BN,” he added. 

It was reported earlier today that a suspicious voter from Sabah was questioned by Pakatan Rakyat workers in Pandan, Selangor, when he attempted to claim money at their booth after voting. 

Pandan PKR candidate Rafizi Ramli told reporters that the voter could not sing national anthem Negaraku, and could not recall the address stated on his IC. The man then claimed to have voted for PKR, and the ‘Rocket’ DAP as well, which had fielded its candidate for the Teratai state assembly seat there.


  1. pakatan rupanya yang pakai pengundi hantu.. mmg dasar hantu


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