Friday, May 3, 2013

Tuaran PKR deputy chief calls for Ansari’s sacking

Tuaran PKR deputy chief Gaibin Ransoi, who has pledged his full support to PKR candidate for Tuaran Datuk Seri Panglima Wilfred Bumburing, demanded that Tuaran PKR division chief Ansari Abdullah be sacked for allegedly supporting an independent candidate.

Gaibin urged the PKR top leadership to give a clear explanation on Ansari’s position in the party as he claimed the lattter was campaigning against the PKR candidate for Tuaran.

“What Ansari has done so far with regard to administration of PKR Tuaran and his decision to openly sponsor and support the independent candidate is against party ethics and the party constitution and we call for his immediate sacking.

“It can’t be denied that what Ansari is doing and is continuing to do is jeapordising the Pakatan Rakyat campaign machinery and operation in the Tuaran constituency and affecting the chances of PKR to wrest the three state seats under Tuaran from BN,” he said in a press conference at APS office here yesterday.

Gaibin added that PKR Tuaran felt that Ansari should have been sacked from the party immediately after nomination day after openly opposing the PKR-chosen candidate.

The press conference yesterday was jointly hosted by PKR Tuaran information officer Sindin Ranggangon, secretary Henry Bagong, treasurer Panilau Kohong, AMK leader Rhodes Panilau who is also PKR candidate for Kiulu and PKR candidate for Sulaman Ghulabdin Enjih, accompanied by several PKR Tuaran committee members.

They also called on the national PKR party leadership to withdraw all letters of termination issued by Ansari dated 21st April to several Tuaran PKR leaders who did not support his action in fielding his daughter as an independent candidate against Bumburing.

“All of us agreed that there were no legal grounds for these leaders to be sacked from the party, as they are supporting Bumburing, the candidate endorsed by the central leadership.

“Since there has been no action taken by the party leadership against Ansari, we hereby jointly demand an explanation from the party leaders as to their inaction to action taken by Ansari.

“PKR top leaders must emulate what other political parties have done immediately by sacking their party members for standing as independent candidates. The position taken by Ansari now is more damaging to Pakatan Rakyat than any independent candidates,” he added.

Meanwhile, Ranggangon revealed that Ansari had told them in a secret meeting with some selected PKR Tuaran committee members that he proposed Rhodes (Panilau) as the PKR candidate for Kiulu not because he wanted to capture the Kiulu seat for PKR but to ensure Bumburing’s defeat in the election.

He said Ansari believed that Rhodes would not win in Kiulu, thus should Bumburing and Rhodes work hand in hand during the campaigning and Rhodes loses the election, Bumburing will also lose.

“This is the conspiracy why Ansari picked Rhodes as the PKR candidate for Kiulu and not the other more senior leader.”

(Meanwhile, it was reliably learned that in fact Gaibin had been selected to stand in Kiulu.)

“However, the campaign method by the Ansari-sponsored independent candidate would not work as the voters havee realised the reason behind why Ansari sponsored his daughter to stand as independent candidate. In his own words, Ansari have said ‘Biar Anwar Ibrahim kenal siapa Ansari Abdullah’ (Let Anwar Ibrahim know who Ansari Abdullah really is),” he said.

As for Henry, he considered the action by Ansari to sack him and several other PKR Tuaran leaders as illegal.

“He himself has taken upon it to to sack us just because we didn’t support his decision to sponsor and support an independent candidate.

“We are loyal members and supporters of PKR. I have been involved in PKR from the beginning and it is in our blood to support any PKR candidates,” he added.

One of committee members, Mohd Fairuz Bandar, said he was very disappointed with Ansari’s action against his own philosophy.

“He told us before not to doubt any candidates chosen by the leadership and support them to ensure the victory of PKR. But when it comes to him he cannot except it. I cannot believe he has the intention to go against the PKR candidate.

“When I asked Ansari about his direction after not being listed as a candidate, he said Yong Teck Lee has contacted and discussed with him to be allied with STAR. I cannot believe what he has told me because he has been with the party for so long,” said Mohd Fairuz.

He added that Ansari had also told him that he wanted Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to know who he is, hoping that his action was right and that Anwar would feel sorry for what he had done.

“A lot of emotions during that day, when the candidate list was announced. Some cried and were angry because his name was not in the list. However, it is not a reason for him to go against the leadership’s decision,” he pointed out.


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