Friday, November 23, 2012

Over 85pc of director posts taken up by Sabahans

Kota Kinabalu: More than 85 per cent of director posts in the Federal Government are now taken up by Sabahans, said Public Service Commission (PSC) Chairman Tan Sri Mahmood Adam, Wednesday.

He said the positions would be given to qualified Sabahans depending on availability.

On other jobs in the Federal civil service, he said a total of 98,708 applications were made by Sabah communities through the PSC between Nov 9, 2011 and Nov 9, 2012.

"Of the number, 3,539 people were appointed to various posts, " he said.

Mahmood said sometimes promotions are not filled should there be no one qualified for the positions, hence the reason why peninsula officers are posted to Sabah.

"Nevertheless, we will try to prioritise Sabahans," he said.

Mahmood gave the assurance after having an interaction and dialogue session with government agencies and departments as well as non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

These included the Federation of Sabah Hokkien Associations, Bajau Association, Sabah Kedayan Association, Sabah Murut Association, United Sabah Dusun Association, United Sabah Bisaya Association, Kadazan Dusun Cultural Association, Sabah Nursing Association and Sabah Youth Council.

The session was held as part of a tour series and Sabah was the eleventh stop to gather feedback on issues and input on their expectations of the PSC, he said.

"We sit with them and talk to them of their problems.

And some of them have forwarded their problems to us.

"It will be used in order for us to fight against bad perceptions and explain to them what is really happening," said Mahmood, adding that PSC had introduced a total of 22 initiatives to improve its services.

He said some of the problems raised during the session had to do with job posting and access to vacancies, especially those in the rural areas.

He said PSC will use the radio and newspapers to access the masses, especially those in the rural areas.

However, Mahmood said one of the problems is that PSC does not have the numbers as agencies, departments and ministries do not update them on the figure. He felt the numbers should be updated so that PSC could help advertise, instead of individual advertisements. 
Sumber: Daily Express


  1. Proses borneonisasi di Sabah masih diteruskan

  2. Harap2 akan terus meningkat

  3. jika ada rakyat sabah yang memenuhi kelayakan bagi jawatan2 kerajaan, pasti mereka tidak akan dipinggirkan..

  4. bukan mudah untuk kerajaan membuat keputusan bagi memuaskan hati 28 juta penduduk di malaysia..

  5. Federal government departments and agencies in Sabah have shown a very good overall performance this year, said State Federal Secretary Datuk Abu Bakar Hassan.

    1. He said Putrajaya is now seriously looking at several important issues affecting federal public service staff in Sabah, as raised by Cuepacs Sabah, and expected the outcome or decision on these would be known soon.

    2. Speaking at a dinner hosted by him for Cuepacs Sabah here Saturday, he also advised Cuepacs that while doing their part as a "pressure group" for their members, they must always bear in mind that they are civil servants who must serve the government of the day.


    3. "It is our duty as government officers and staff that we must understand every government policy that we implement. We should not be confused ourselves on the various issues, including the manipulation of facts, especially during this time when the general election is approaching," he said.

    4. He said as government officers and staff we must play our part in explaining and telling the people the truth because the issues, no matter how small they are, will have an impact on the integrity of the Government.

    5. This is in line with the aspiration of the country's supreme leadership, he added.


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