Saturday, June 15, 2013

Opposition practices double standards - Maximus Ongkili

KOTA MARUDU: The opposition practices double standards and takes conflicting stands as long as they could gain political mileage, said Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister Datuk Seri Dr Maximus Ongkili.

He said the opposition parties have no principles and gave no respect to the federal constitution. “While they cannot accept the election results in areas where they were defeated, they hurriedly formed governments in states that they won.

“This is double standards of the highest order. They are also bent on conducting illegal demonstrations on grounds that they had won popular votes although the constitution prescribes that the party with the most seats forms the government and governs the country,” he said.

Dr Maximus, who is Kota Marudu MP, said these principles and system were not adhered to and respected by the opposition.

“Instead, they are bent on causing trouble in this peace loving country,” he said at a gathering with the people at Kg Lingkobungan 2 here.

He urged the opposition to respect law and order and abide by the principles of democracy practiced in the country, adding that “democracy should not only be recognised when you win and questioned when you lose.”

On Barisan Nasional losing the state seat of Matunggong in Kota Marudu, he said that despite the Barisan Nasional leaders successfully getting the federal government’s funding for rebuilding of 21 longhouses in Matunggong with an aim to replace all the longhouses there, the people still rejected the leaders who pursued this perhaps because these basic necessities were not vital to them after all.

“Voters were misled by the opposition that they could win the election and form the state and federal governments. BN will continue to serve the people of Matunggong and do the best to win back their trust and support,” he added.


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