Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Nurul's visit to Sabah was NOT only to celebrate Pesta Kaamatan


NURUL’S visit to Sabah was NOT only to celebrate Pesta Kaamatan. There is more to Nurul Izzah’s visit to Sabah than meets the eyes. Contrary to reports, Nurul Izzah was not just planning to celebrate Pesta Kaamatan with the Kadazandusun community in Penampang, Sabah.

The state immigration department, based on tip off from the police special branch, denied entry to Nurul Izzah because she was slated to meet 2 individuals (trusted East Malaysian lieutenants of Anwar, one of them from DAP) to help facilitate the inflow of funds for the party in Sabah.

One of these two individuals had previously worked closely with sacked Alliance Bank CEO Bridget Lai.

(Bridget Lai is claimed to have played an important role in helping PKR convert millions of US dollars into Ringgit to be channelled for the 2008 General Elections but was subsequently removed over office renovation issues in 2010).

Now, these funds will play a crucial role in helping Pakatan Rakyat stage several rounds of rallies and conduct other activities similar to the Black 505 rallies in Semenanjung.

Why Anwar sent in Nurul? Because she has the image of a sweet, young and honest politician and no one will doubt her motives.

Two set of envelopes were carried by Nurul when she arrived at the KK International airport via Air Asia AK5118 at around 7.00pm on Thursday.

Based on information received by the special branch, the sealed envelopes contained, among others, payment & transaction details and a set of instructions assigned for this 2 trusted lieutenants.

She was supposed to meet these two lieutenants at a hotel in KK on Friday to pass them the envelopes.

In simple terms, Nurul’s presence in Sabah was as to act as a ‘facilitator’ between Anwar and the party’s operatives in Sabah for the staging of an uprising.

After all, Anwar knows better that he can't send in any other senior party officials such as Azmin, Sivarasa, Surendran or Tian Chua, because they would have been barred immediately.

Judging from her expressions at the airport, Nurul was completely surprised to learn that she could not get past the immigration counter. Surprised that someone knew what she was up to.

Attending Pesta Kaamatan was just a clever disguise.

It will not be wrong to say these funds will also play a crucial role if Anwar was to carry out a defection exercise or a MPs’ buying spree.

While Section 67 of the Immigration Act 1959 allows Nurul he right to enter East Malaysia to carry out political activities, it does not allow her the right to fund political uprisings to overthrow the existing government.

Penampang is considered the stronghold of the Kadazandusun community and the main centre for their political and cultural development.

A small group of people from this community infamously made Anwar Ibrahim the ‘Huguan Siou’ in February 2013. Among the culprits was PKR Ranau Chief Jonathan Yassin. Officially, Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan is the ‘Huguan Siou’ for life.

Anwar, the ''Paramount Leader' tends to forget that Sabah is a BN stronghold and there are many moles within his party twho will spoil his plans for a song and a dance.


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