Friday, June 14, 2013

Pakatan betraying its constituents for selfish reasons

BOYCOTTING Parliament from its first briefing onwards is to some "making a political statement" to others, meanwhile, it is foolishness unbecoming of representatives of the people. Pakatan Rakyat (PR), this thing that does not wish to be registered as such, but insists on calling itself thus is an opaque creature of the federal opposition parties that keeps conning the people. 

Now it is about not performing their duty as members of parliament because, as they have been insisting, victory at the 13th General Election was stolen from them. Even as these accusations are being made, they are being addressed through petitions heard at the election courts. Why then this immature move by a bunch of grown individuals?

That the PR is adamant can be seen from DAP's insistence on disciplining the party's lone MP who chose to attend the initial parliamentary briefing, explaining it as important to his functioning effectively. And yet, the other PR MPs, who will fill the opposition benches, sitting as a check and balance in the federal legislature, felt quite comfortable to not attend. 

Why the utter disrespect for the country's most august democratic institution? Given their insistence that the popular vote is with them, their absence means nothing less than a betrayal of trust. There is no escaping the conclusion that the people are the least of their concerns, if at all.

So, it is fair to assume that they are intent on disrupting the governance of the country at any cost. Firstly, not attending the swearing-in ceremony according to schedule would find the usual media circus for which the de facto PKR head is a superb ring master, cracking his whip and hey presto, the lies he cooks up gets a national hearing. 

Secondly, if they stay away from Parliament for six months purposely forfeiting their seats the Election Commission (EC) will be forced to hold the necessary by-elections. This would be a truly irresponsible act because the financial outlay is large thus unnecessarily bleeding the Treasury.

Conversely, if they hope to disrupt the legislature and government then they would be sorely mistaken. In Parliament and at Putrajaya it will be business as usual because the opposition has in no way been coerced to not attend and perform their obligatory duty on behalf of their constituents. 

It is a pity that the country is subjected to such idiocy at the highest level of decision-making. These jesters want to destabilise the country; fail they will. Nevertheless, all this must stop and who best to stop them but the people whom they betray.



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